August 8, 2012

I love you Mommy....

"Mommy.... I love you..." Sweet words uttered no less than 15 times per day. This child just melts my heart with those random "I love you"s.

She's three years old today. How is it possible that my baby, my youngest child is three?

This child that I wasn't prepared for. This child that surprised me in the most unusual way, while I was still nursing Ansley.... Adalyn sort of just "surprised" us all. With only 13 months between them, they are incredibly close. Its a normal day when we are asked if they are twins.  I never thought I'd be crazy enough to have two children so close in age. Now I know I'm crazy, but I'd totally do it all over again if I could!

My little peanut.... You've rocked my world a time or two. I am so thankful for you...and that spitfire personality of yours. You keep me laughing. You have the sweetest little nose. The tiniest little hands! But man, do you pack a punch!

I love seeing the world through your eyes. Your perspective often stops me in my tracks.

From your insisting to wear pajamas every day-all day long, to insisting that you are BIG... you never allow us a dull moment! You have your Grandaddy's eyes and a silly little giggle. You are a little stick of dynamite, feisty and mighty sure of yourself. Your daddy often says that you haven't figured out that there isn't a whole army behind you. I love that determination!

Your birthday list this year included a firetruck, a firefighter outfit, a motorcycle (that you think you will ride in the road-ha!), a ladder-so you can reach your "stings" (things), and a baby Lori from the store. You are rockin' that list, girlfriend! Here are a few pics of your prizes so far:

Most importantly behind all your shenanigans, mischief, and boldness you are a tenderhearted loving little princess. And we can't imagine our world without you! Happy birthday Peanut!