May 2, 2011

A Few Before Shots...

Well, let's just get right down to it. The dreaded "Navajo Orange".
Disclaimer: These were taken a few days before we closed on the house, therefore we had not replaced the previously mentioned 5 trillion dead light bulbs. Please excuse the photo quality.

Above: That's my hubby looking out the window, and my youngest daughter dancing in front of the fireplace. This is the view from the master bedroom looking into the living room area.

Above: Another view in the living room-noting again the dreadful Navajo orange. Get my point? Ick. Here's one more...

Took that last one just to savor the thought of hiring someone to paint that tall peak. But....that someone ended up being me. Which, of course, is why it took me so. many. weeks. to complete the task. Oh well.

So all in all, it could be a nice color, right? I mean if you imagine it on the walls of a Southwest cafe somewhere other than my house. I'm even pretty adventurous with color. I have done some interesting things with paint in my former house, not all of which we will name successful. But stark, builder white against this orange? Just doesn't work. They should've at least warmed it up with a good neutral on the other walls.
Aside from the very strong opinion I have regarding the color choice, I was also contending with the unfathomably high ceilings and less than perfect paint job. There are STILL spots along the edge that I can see the orange...But I'm not quite ready to paint the entire ceiling so for now, it's being called "DONE". Stay tuned for the after photos... I promise they are at least somewhat of an improvement!

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