March 19, 2012

Blog Following and a few pics

I just realized recently that many people, including those I do and do not know, read my blog. This is not really accurately reflected in my "followers". I started thinking about this for a while, and after a discussion with a good friend I realized something: they may not know why it is favorable to "follow" a blog. After further reflection I realized that at one point I didn't follow other blogs myself. SO. Here's a few random thoughts from me... maybe it will help clear things up.

My previous thoughts regarding why I didn't commit to "following" other blogs I read:

1.I don't really have the time for all that hassle, first of all. (This one is really silly, since it takes only minutes to sign up for blogger or some other rss feed. Even sillier considering the amount of time I actually used to sit at my computer and read these blogs...but I digress.)

2.I don't know this person that well (or in some cases I didn't know them at all!) and they might think it strange for someone like me to be reading their stuff. Awkward! That might be uncomfortable for both of us.

3.I'm doing just fine finding the blogs in my bookmark section on my browser.

I'm sure I could continue on with other reasons why many people don't "follow" publicly. But those are just the random thoughts I once had on the subject. You might think its not even important, and wonder why I may be bothering to actually create a post on the subject. Well, please allow me to shed a little light on the subject.

First, it really doesn't  take that much time to create a google/blogger account. Many people also choose to sign up via rss feed and have blogs sent directly to their email or a reader. Regardless, it is so much more convenient to scroll through the blogs that interest you and have them at your fingertips. Occasionally I'm not in the mood or don't have the time to read all of them at once ( I follow waaaay too many for that) but I can quickly see the subject lines and determine which ones I want to read immediately. I have a few favorites that I read, regardless if the subject looks catchy. Sort of my "go to" reading. A friend of mine once said that each morning when she pulls up each blog, if they haven't posted that day its like getting the voicemail of a friend you were really hoping would answer the phone. I feel the same way!
Second, let's talk about the awkward thing. While at first glance you might think it weird to publicly admit to reading a blog of someone you've never met, or someone you've met but barely know, believe me when I say its not! Don't let that assumption stop you. I speak for most bloggers I know when I say that if they are putting it out there for public access, its because they want you to read it! There are private blogs. You know, ones that you grant access to each reader individually. Still think it's weird? Think of it this way: I have the option to write in a private journal the old fashioned way and slip it between my mattress if I choose. I choose to write publicly for a purpose. That purpose has recently become very clear to me, and I will be sharing more on that in the coming weeks. For now, suffice it to say that I'm not putting this out there to keep any secrets. With that said, if you want to read my thoughts and take interest in what I have to share, then PLEASE read it! And if you are willing to let me know...even better!
Finally, whether or not you have these conflicting whirling around in your head like I did, you may not be following the blogs you read. Can I just tell you that for me, personally, it is so encouraging to know that my friends support me in what I am doing. I had someone the other day tell me that she reads my writings and it encourages her. How awesome to know I have that influence on her day! Made me want to go write another post right then. Seriously, if I didn't want to encourage (or entertain at times-haha) others then I wouldn't waste my time here. This is very therapeutic for me, true. But I could just as easily save a Word document and call it a day.
I don't say all of this to beg you to "follow" me. I mean, if that's what it takes, I will beg. Just kidding. I say all of this to encourage you to let your favorite writers and thought provokers know that they are helpful to you. Its what keeps them going...honestly. I like to know who I'm talking to, and I know many others feel the same way. Ya with me?

So now that everyone clicked "follow" on their favorite blogs, (wink wink) how about a few pictures to brighten your day, huh? They sure brighten mine.
First, some pics of my little Cowgirl and my sweet Ansley before preschool the other day: (Adalyn lives and breathes to make faces. I think being dramatic is some sort of requirement for her. )

 Here are a few pics from our banana pudding masterpiece when Baba and Pop-pop visited last weekend:

Knock-knock. Who's there? Banana...
Banana who?
Banana Ice cream head.
(this is the new thing around here...telling knock knock jokes.)

So heeeere's Adalyn:

And Ya-ya, doing a little quality assurance:

And Ansley... High five anyone?

Let's do this again soon, okay?


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