March 6, 2012

Love Notes

Where have I found encouragement, specifically?  I believe it started with a conversation with a person I barely know. She spoke some very strong words over a situation I've been facing with my health. (Random issues that no one could explain...very frustrating.) Sounds crazy, but things slowly began to change after that discussion. Hmm...

Then it was just another Sunday morning worship service (yeah right...its never "just another") that just really resonated with me. So encouraged by the music, connecting with old songs that go waaay back. Worship leader speaking powerful and uplifting words, the ones I needed to hear Right.Then. More change....

Little rough situations worked themselves out beautifully with no effort on my part. Even in the form of random blessings bestowed upon our family, I have seen His hand. Love notes. My girls have dealt with a virus the past 2 weeks, ending up with 2 of the 3 having walking pneumonia. Could've been so much worse, and while it was tough and scary at times I have surely seen God's hand on us, protecting them and granting me grace and strength just as I needed it.

 Oh, and let me tell you about the friendships. This has been an area that I didn't even recognize as an issue until recently.Moving here was such a peaceful decision for us, which is hysterical since I have only known my hometown... But recently I have suddenly felt kind of empty, craving close friendships like I had. Missing my partner in crime that did decorating projects for hours on end with me. Wishing I had someone to come over and hang out, that didn't mind if my house was a disaster. That didn't find it necessary to put on the fake polite show and only connect on a surface level. I needed a REAL friend. I just knew as we left the church we'd come to know since we moved here that I'd be lonely.

 Wouldn't you know that God would work it out to replace those "empty" spots in my life in a more incredible way than I could've envisioned? Its like a breath of fresh air. There's so many instances that I'm sure I could attempt to list them but a. You'd be bored to tears and close this page before I got 1/4 of the way through or b. I'd never be able to list them all anyway. 

But for a few examples... I have a good friend who is incredibly shy so she can remain nameless. :) The fact that she is shy even is so funny to me...that God would line me up to befriend such a reserved person. I tend to be rather chatty (you didn't notice, I know) and I also somehow am painfully honest at times. Not qualities that shy people are usually drawn to. And I am usually so uncomfortable around someone who is soooo quiet.  Not her. Its truly a match made in heaven. Our entire families love each other. Hubby included. I am so grateful to have a friend like that in my life. Makes the day go by so much easier. On top of that I have a few new friendship buds blossoming with fellow crafters, blog junkies, "home decor girls", etc. Its just amazing the way God heard my prayer and answered so quickly to put these people in my path. Honestly if I didn't know better it would seem like it was out of the clear blue sky. But I know that He had His hand in this all the way.

Even down to continued financial provision, I'm finding my strength and hope to be restored. Amazing amazing amazing stuff.

I think I've slowly typed my way in to that "this is so long that everyone quit reading two paragraphs ago..." zone. Ha! Oh well...if anyone is still with me.... (anyone????)

Now that I am feeling a little more like myself with my health issues, and feeling encouraged by all of the evident work God is doing in these areas of my life, I'm starting a new journey. Getting back into shape. Health. Which, for me, equals counting calories, drinking more water, and becoming more active. Gonna need lots of encouragement with all of the above, ha! I know many people are constantly dieting and doing the on again/off again exercise thing, but that's not what I'm going for here. I just want to continue what I feel God has stirred in me, and do my part physically to continue to feel better. So, here's to an awesome weekend at the Pearl Event, meeting Paige and Edie and many other fabulous ladies; and catching up with an old friend, and restoration and encouragement! I'll be back soon to tell you all about my weekend. I am so excited! (Oh, and then to start on my workout routine...hold me to that!)

I'll leave you with one of my most favorite verses (it was one of my Dad's favorites too):
"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31


Thankful for:
5. The old and new friends...
6.Financial provision in multiple forms this week
7. Taking a GIANT step in our Dave Ramsey journey this week!
8. The discovery of my fitness pal app on my phone!
9. Our random visit to Passion City Church this past Sunday
10. Hubby's sacrificial support of this upcoming weekend. :)

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