September 19, 2012

Hello and a giveaway!

Hey! Its been a while!

Things are crazy busy around here with so many changes in our lives right now. I'll hopefully be back soon to share about some of those things. But first, one of the new things is that we've completely lost our minds and decided to start making our own bread from scratch. This of course involves grinding the wheat to make the flour-made much simpler with an electric grain mill. I'm currently in the process of saving to buy a mill but for now I am using a friend's mill each week.

There's a great giveaway on a Nutrimill right now, so for those of you that want to join me on this crazy journey, go on over to  Heavenly Homemakers to find out the details on entering to win!

I'll be back soon with more!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've seriously been looking at making my own bread, but it scares me! What recipe do you use? I found one that seems simple enough, I just have to work up the nerve to try!


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